Your personalized filter for the internet

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We're validating new models for how creator networks can collaborate to distribute and monetize specialized knowledge at scale.


Use the Atmos extension to bookmark interesting content and leave breadcrumbs for others as you do your knowledge work.

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Connect the dots as you work with others to organize ideas visually using our interactive knowledge maps.

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Turn your online network into a decentralized publishing hub using our customizable Link Feeds or by connecting an external website.

Explore Link Feeds

Tap into the atmosphere of the internet to build your online brand

Connect your community

Turn the entire internet into your community playground with a private social layer that sits on top of any website.

Engage your audience

Invite your network to curate relevant content and reward them for helping you sort through the noise.

Scale your digital footprint

Connect a website to build a collaborative newsletter, community blog, online store, membership site or other digital business.

Alpha trials underway Now

It all starts with a note

Atmos notes are like social bookmarks. Share your thoughts while setting permissions to limit who can see the breadcrumbs you leave behind.

Add tags for context

Tags are used to filter feeds and organize content.

Engage with others

React to notes and start threaded conversations on any website with visibility based on settings you control.

Connect the dots

Us our interactive Knowledge Maps to outline your ideas visually and show how certain thoughts are interconnected.

Share your knowledge

Notes are published on Link Feeds which can be embedded on your website based on settings you control.

Monetize your efforts

Connect your CMS* and leverage the power of the crowd to build a collaborative news site, membership businesses, newsletter, subscription business, marketplace, online store, and more.

*Webflow CMS only for now. Other integrations planned.